Beit HaGalgalim (The House of Wheels)

Beit HaGalgalim provides recreational activities, workshops, vocational training and job placement opportunities to physically disabled children and young adults throughout the country. In recognition of Beit Galgalgim's work with Israel's handicapped and its network of over 300 dedicated volunteers, the City of Herzliya recently allotted land to the organisation, in order to establish a permanent centre for their activities.

The Foundation's support is directed towards Beit Galgalim's vocational training program that helps place young adults with disabilities in the Israeli workforce.

Keren Malki

Established in the memory of Australian-born Malka Roth z”l, who was murdered at the Sbarro terror attack in Jerusalem, Keren Malki has established a project of home visits by specialized physiotherapists to the homes of severely disabled children. The Pratt Foundation provided seed funding for its "Therapies in the Home" program, modeled upon the Royal District Nursing home visit service in Australia. The program has consistently grown, both in terms of numbers of families and size of financial support given. Given the increasing demand, Keren Malki is constantly re-stocking its equipment, stored in the joint-venture warehouse with Yad Sarah.