In order to increase the scope of our support to Israeli NGOs and The Third Sector in attaining financial sustainability, The Pratt Foundation has joined forces in early 2010 with Yad Hanadiv (Rothschild) and Kahanoff foundations to establish Kimron, a new Non-for-Profit associattion.

Kimron has been established by these three foundations in order to provide highly professional capacity-building and mentorship services to NGOs in Financial Management and Resource Development based on the succesful Pradler model. Through extending and broadening the range of areas that these organisations receive assistance and mentoring, we will be able to significantly contribute to the professionalization and best-practices of the Israeli Third Sector and encourage its long-term sustainabilily.

Pradler NGO Empowerment Program

At the Pratt Foundation, we constantly review ways to maximize the impact of our contributions and improve the unique partnerships that we have developed with our grantees. As a result, we are closely involved with the issues facing our partner NGO's on a day to day basis.

A significant outcome of this engaged approach has been the establishment of The Pratt Foundation Pradler NGO Empowerment Project Initiative. This ground- breaking mentoring programme is designed to empower organisations to develop their own capacity-building mechanisms and sustainability strategies.

The Pradler Initiative provides participating organisations with two experienced professional mentors for weekly meetings, for a period between ten months and a year. Beyond this period, on-going contact is available as necessary.

To qualify for participation, organisations must demonstrate a proven record for providing critical services to deprived populations in Israel, financial transparency and a commitment to building a systematic fundraising infrastructure.

In the initial stages, the mentors help the organisations identify the key issues affecting their sustainability. Mentors then work with the organisations to develop policies, procedures and practical strategies to tackle these issues. For example, mentors have helped organisations to:

  • expand their knowledge of existing funding sources
  • develop more effective written materials
  • improve their donor relations
  • foster partnerships with other relevant organisations
  • improve database management skills
  • provide skills to increase their fundraising capacity
  • enhance the efficiency of operations
  • provide a framework for monitoring and evaluating their project outcomes

The Pradler NGO Empowerment Project has generated enormous interest in Israel - it is in its 12th cycle, and has over 50 graduate NGO's.

We are confident that the Pradler model will be emulated by other philanthropic organisations, helping to develop a new model of partnership between foundations and NGOs that will ultimately create a strengthened and empowered Third Sector in Israel.