Jerusalem College of Technology -Ethiopians for Engineers

Over 70 Ethiopian immigrants have graduated this unique program of the Jerusalem College of Technology, and another 100 hundred are currently enrolled. The Pratt Foundation's ongoing support provides young Ethiopian immigrants with extra tuition and living stipends to enable them to complete their degrees. Upon graduates, these students enlist in the IDF and many go on to serve in elite units and pursue careers as high-tech professionals.

Approximately 30% of qualified engineers from the Ethiopian community in Israel are graduates of this JCT program.


Yedidim is Israel’s leading agency dedicated to facilitating the integration of young immigrant youth-at-risk into Israeli society, and winner of the President's Award for Excellence and the Mayor of Jerusalem's Distinguished Service Award.

The Pratt Foundation provided seed funding to Yedidim's Second Chance Project, a rehabilitative program which offers immigrant youth offenders the opportunity to cancel pending charges against them. In partnership with the Israeli police, youth probation officers, and welfare agents, Yedidim trains student volunteers to work as mentors with these young offenders on a weekly basis. Upon successful completion of this year-long program, the police erase their records, enable them to enroll in the IDF or pursue work or studies.

Given the tremendous the success of the project with hundreds of immigrant youth, the program has now been extended to 10 cities throughout Israel.