Neve Michael Crisis Center Maintenance Fund

Neve Michael is a residential home for children-at-risk - a warm and caring environment for over 300 children aged three to eighteen who cannot stay with their biological families. The children come from all over Israel. The Pratt Foundation established Israel's first Emergency Crisis Centre at Neve Michael. This facility is open 24 hours a day for children from all over Israel who have to be immediately removed from their homes due to life-threatening situations. Hundreds of children have been saved since the centre opened its doors in August 2000.

Hand-in-Hand Jewish Arab Kindergarten

The Centre for Jewish Arab Education in Israel has created a new model of education of Israeli Arab and Jewish children. In this setting, two teachers, one Jewish and one Arab, work in each of Hand in Hand's bilingual multicultural pre-schools in the Galilee, Wadi Ara and Jerusalem areas. Funding from the Pratt Foundation enabled Hand in Hand to enlarge its early childhood programmes in Jerusalem which, have doubled in size over the past few years.