The Pratt Foundation will not be accepting project submissions until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience and kindly request that no applications be sent via this website until further notice. We suggest that you periodically revisit this site for updates and additional information.

Applications will only be accepted from registered amutot, and not from individuals. We prefer that applications be submitted in English, although this is not obligatory. Priority will be given to projects that involve significant numbers of new immigrants and assist and support their integration into Israeli society.

Allocations priorities and requirements are subject to change, based upon the decision of the Australian Board of the Pratt Foundation.

Applications to the Pratt Foundation, Israel should be submitted to Peter Adler, Israel Director of The Pratt Foundation via email

Applications should be no longer than three pages and include:

  1. Project Summary Sheet
    (Click here to download).
  2. A description of the organisation applying for the grant and its annual operating budget (for running costs and projects). Please indicate if any prizes or awards have been received.
  3. A description of the specific project for which support is sought, including goals, problems or issues to be addressed; methods to be used to attain these goals; evaluation methods if relevant; time frame.
  4. A detailed budget breakdown for the project.
  5. List of other sources of funding, both for the organisation and for the project.