Pratt Awards for Environmental Journalism

The Pratt Awards for Environmental Journalism, in collaboration with the Heschel Centre for Environmental Learning and Leadership, are recognized as Israel's most prestigious honour in the area of electronic and written environmental media coverage.

The Foundation, together with the Heschel Centre, also sponsored Israel's First Annual Survey on Environmental Awareness amongst various sectors of Israeli society, the results of which were presented at a conference and covered widely in the media.

Western Galilee Recycling School

The Western Galilee Recycling School was established with The Pratt Foundation's support and now hosts some 7000 school children every year. The school teaches them about problems of solid waste, sorting and recycling. Now also supported by the Israeli Ministry of the Environment, the Educational Centre's goal is to develop environmental awareness, responsibility, and a willingness to act on behalf of the community among teachers and students of all ages.