Otzma Project for Violence Reduction in Children

Established in partnership with Ashalim and Tel Aviv University, Otzma is one of the Pratt Foundation's Israel flagship programs, and it is producing results far beyond our expectations. This cutting-edge research and teaching project for modifying violent behavior in children has been adopted by the Israeli Ministry of Education for implementation in schools and youth villages throughout the country, where it is having a marked impact on violence reduction among young people. The project has also received wide acclaim overseas, where it has been presented in professional conferences and journals.


Selah – Israel Crisis Management Center reaches out to immigrants in crisis throughout Israel, providing both emergency and long-term aid. Since 1993, SELAH’s countrywide network of volunteers has provided care and comfort to over 11,000 survivors of tragedy and terror, offering financial and practical help and ongoing emotional support.

With the assistance of The Pratt Foundation, Selah has been able to develop two critical projects: A 'Grandparents' program assisting elderly immigrants raising orphaned grandchildren, and a volunteer selection and training programme that has been critical to our ability to bring culturally-sensitive quality care and support at the time of tragedy and emergency need.