Established in 1978 in Melbourne by the late Richard Pratt and his wife Jeanne, the Pratt Foundation expressed their shared vision for supporting charitable activities and adding value to philanthropy. In 1998, the Foundation extended its activities to Israel and has since helped many organizations to operate hundreds of projects. Its contributions are largely directed to the peripheral areas where there is the highest concentration of populations in need.

Fulfilling its mission to enrich the lives of the community, the Pratt Foundation supports established organisations that have sustainable projects serving the poorest and most disadvantaged Israelis. It also supports many ‘first of a kind’ innovative projects that are providing models for others to consider.

In order to help organizations to develop their own capacity-building mechanisms, the Pratt Foundation established a ground-breaking mentoring programme, 'The Pradler NGO Empowerment Project Initiative'. It is designed to assist in building the capacity of Israeli NGOs, by giving them the knowledge, the insight, and the tools needed to secure their future operations,

The Pratt Foundation is proud to be an Australian foundation that has recognized its responsibilities to the wider Australian community. At the same time, its special affinity for Israel is central to the raison d’etre of the Foundation. In recent years, a key priority of the Foundation has been to support and encourage Australia-Israel links that promote collaboration and greater understanding between the two countries in a wide range of fields.